How to Start Your Delivery Service with Last-Mile Solutions

If you’re running a business and selling online, or home-cooked and home-made seller, we believe that the most troubling you must be a delivery challenge. We also believe you’ll agree with us that providing fast and on-time delivery for your customers is becoming a necessity, but as long as the volume of your orders is huge, this will be a difficult task for you to complete.

Common Delivery Problems That Online Sellers Face

Crews and Costs

Once you decided to start delivery service to your customers, Delivery Crews was playing an important role in your delivery service and business. To own or recruits a delivery team seems like an ideal solution. But then again, there are hidden costs behind the monthly compensations of the delivery team. While unable to estimate the volume of your orders if you have just started to selling online, recruits too many delivery crews will definitely increase your business costs as well. However, if lack of delivery crews will cause delays in your delivery time, or unable to complete your orders, affecting your services and customer’s experience.

How Does Last-Mile Solutions Help You Avoid These Problems?

Professional advice on delivery arrangements Last-Mile Solutions’ business account comes with a range of perks for business users, helps to set up their’s delivery service with professional advice. These are the experts who will take care of your business deliveries’ planning. Competitive pricing plans help businesses to control theirs costing more effectively. Enables businesses to hire delivery crews when such need arises or for scheduled deliveries.

Steps to Start Delivery with Last-Mile Solutions

  1. Sign Up Business Account and Choose Plan – Sign Up Now
  2. Waiting for approval ( take approximately 2-3 working days)
  3. Receive Credentials of Business Account via Registered E-mail (our operators will reach to your via WhatsApp or phone call for verification)
  4. Start Manage and Provide Delivery Service to your Customers.