BiteRider.my’s last-mile delivery solution is an on-demand and same-day delivery service that helps local businesses to manage and deliver goods such as foods, groceries, documents, parcels, products, and gifts to their clients and customers more safe, fast, efficient, and reliable.

Few steps to sign up or set up your last-mile solution business account:

  1. Sign up an account for your business
  2. Waiting for approvals (approximately 2-3 days)
  3. Our crew will reach to you for business verification
  4. Choose your plan (Subscriptions or Non-Subscriptions)
  5. Deposit is required for the Non-Subscriptions plan or a one-off payment is required for the Subscriptions plan
  6. Get credentials and login to your account dashboard
  7. Start to manage and place your daily delivery orders
  8. The Non-Subscriptions plan may switch to monthly billing option
  • BiteRider.my food delivery platform is an online marketplace that provides completed data, resources, systems, and logistics solutions for those local restaurants and stores to list and sell their dishes and products online.
  • BiteRider.my last-mile delivery solutions is an on-demand and same-day delivery service which helps those local businesses to manage and deliver their daily local delivery orders safe, fast, and efficient, also in more competitive and affordable costs.

We can manage to deliver goods such as foods, groceries, documents, parcels, products, and gifts. Weights not over 10kg and size not over 38cm (H) x 51cm (L) x 38cm (W).

Goods that cannot be delivered

  • Fragile items (e.g. glassware) that require special handling
  • Perishable items unable to withstand non-chilled temperatures for over 1 hour
  • Hazardous, explosive, flammable and unsafe items
  • Valuable items and documents (e.g. cash, passport, birth certificate)
  • Illegal items and substances
  • Live animals
  • Any unpacked / loose items that can easily be damaged in transit
Please check our pricing page for the costs of last-mile solution plan.

BiteRider.my Last-Mile Solution temporarily delivers within Sungai Petani, Bedong, Sungai Lalang, Semeling, and delivery distance up to 15-25kms.

BiteRider.my Last-Mile Solution specializes in express delivery service, whether it is on-demand and same-day or scheduled courier booking service. You may set your delivery timeframe in the systems or apps with your preferred time slot.

Our delivery hours are 10am–10pm, 7 days in a week.

BiteRider.my Last-Mile Solution is B2B2C on-demand and same day delivery service which designed for local businesses helps to manage their local delivery orders. For non-businesses, may download BiteRider.my Food Delivery App and use our runner service.

Yes, receipts or invoices will be provided accordingly to the plan chosen by you.

Non-Subscriptions Plan – Cash Payment: You can choose to either pay by cash when our riders doing pick-up. Deposit is required.

Non-Subscriptions Plan – Monthly Billing: monthly invoices will be provided by us including a payment link to your registered email. Deposit is required.

Subscriptions Plan – One-Off Payment: Paid accordingly on your needs. More competitive plans with more affordable pricing for you to save more logistics costs.

Unfortunately, we do not accept to keep your goods or parcels overnight and for next day delivery purposes. We will not take any responsibility against your loss if you assigned our riders helps to keep your goods or parcels overnight without our permission.

Our riders have been trained extensively coupled with robust background checks. In the unfortunate and unlikely event that any damage or loss happens to your goods upon delivery, you may reach our customer service at (60)11-2084 1135 or (60)17-5212 338 or (60)17-5212 661 (daily operational hours: 10am-10pm) for immediate assistance.

Yes, we provide optional insurance coverage for your deliveries up to RM450. Visit our insurance coverage page for more details. If you choose not to subscribe to our insurance, you are still entitled to our complimentary insurance coverage of up to RM100, provided that you provide evidence for the claim that fulfills our criteria.